About Us:

Charters Towers Historical Tours opened in 2014 with a specific focus on tours that

explore the heritage of Charters Towers.

We are interested in sharing the stories of this

great town with you!


Our mission:

To deliver great visitor experiences that explore the heritage of Charters Towers.


Our vision:

That all visitors to the region will have the opportunity to explore the fascinating

heritage of Charters Towers.


Owner/Operator - Erica Finlay

Erica has lived in Charters Towers for 17 years and is fascinated by the stories of

some of the earlier era's of the town.  She has had a lifelong interest in local and

family history, and is eager to share stories of the local heritage with visitors to

the town.


So...   what is the image on our logo?

The image on our logo (by Moonshine Design & Print) is a local landmark - Towers Hill - which stands to the southwest of the town and is significant to the story of Charters Towers in many ways.

The logo also shows the chimney of the old Charters Towers Pyrites Works standing on Towers Hill as it did prior to WWII.

Interested?  Come on a tour and we can tell you more about it!

Photographer:  Unknown  Neg No: 86164                                                                                   
  John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland        

Photographer:  Unknown     Neg No:  190530                                                                          

John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland