Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I book a place on a Tour?

You can make a booking online via our booking site, please click here.

Or, bookings can be made at the following places:

  • Charters Towers Visitor Information Centre - 74 Mosman Street, Charters Towers City
    ph 07 4761 5533
  • Charters Towers Tourist Park - 37 Mount Leyshon Road, Mosman Park
    ph 07 4787 7944
  • Aussie Outback Oasis Cabin & Van Village - 76 Dr George Ellis Drive, Charters Towers City
    ph 07 4787 8722
Do you offer discounts for Pensioners and Seniors?

Yes, our Concession tickets provide a discount for people with a Pension Card or Seniors Card.

What if I need to change my booking to a different tour or cancel it?

Please contact the place where you booked your tickets, as soon as possible, to see if they can assist you.  For changes, we will always endeavour to fit you into another tour if at all possible.  If you need further assistance, please call the owner, Erica Finlay, directly on 0477516344.  Please remember that we can't provide refunds for cancellations at short notice.  Our Trading Terms and Conditions are available if needed.

How strenuous is the Walking Tour?

The Guided Walking Tour is along the standard footpaths of the CBD area of Charters Towers.  The route is approximately 700 metres in distance and this takes us around one and a half hours to walk.  There are many stops along the tour where some standing is required.  Seats are available at some stops.  The walking between stops is at a medium pace with some gentle slopes.

Please also take the local daytime temperatures into consideration before deciding if this activity is suitable for you.

Are the Walking Tour routes accessible for wheelchairs and prams?

Yes, the route is suitable for wheelchairs and prams.

What happens if it is raining?

We will endeavour to continue tours in light rain and have umbrellas available for tour participant use.  However if the rain becomes heavy or the footpaths are slippery, we may need to cancel the tour and make alternative arrangements.

Where do I meet to start the tour?

If you have booked a ticket for a Walking Tour, please meet your group on the front verandah of the Charters Towers Visitor Information Centre at 74 Mosman Street.

If you have booked a Bus Tour, please meet at the pick-up site that you nominated.  If this is at one of the local caravan parks, please wait in the shaded area near their front office.  If you are being picked up at the back of the Stock Exchange Arcade, please wait in the shaded area on the grass.  Seats are available at all pick-up points.  If it is raining, undercover areas are also available at all sites.

Do I need to bring anything on the Tour?

Due to the heat of North Queensland, we are very conscious of the importance of sun protection while outside.

The CBD streets of Charters Towers have many areas of shade under the wide shop verandahs, however some periods of walking in unshaded areas are still necessary during all our tours.  Therefore, in accordance with the SunSmart receommendations of the Queensland Cancer Council, we recommend that you:

  • wear a hat
  • apply sunscreen
  • wear clothing that will help you avoid sunburn
  • use sunglasses
  • stay in shaded areas

Plus, we suggest that you carry some bottled water with you during tours to avoid dehydration from the heat.  Our tours require periods of walking outside, both in shaded and some unshaded areas, and the daytime temperatures in Charters Towers can be very warm even in winter.  Therefore, maintaining your hydration by drinking sufficient water is very important.

What sort of shoes are suitable?

Our Walking Tour route is along standard footpaths within the main streets of Charters Towers, so no bush-walking or mountain-climbing is required.

However, as the tours are based around periods of both walking and standing, it is wise to be prepared so that you are able to enjoy the activity and participate safely.

Try to wear shoes that are both comfortable and suitable for a walking based activity.  This applies even if you are just on the Bus Tour.

Anything else?

Remember to enjoy yourself!  Charters Towers is a wonderful, friendly town and we really hope that you have a lovely time while visiting!